Professional specialties

The Physical Therapist Marcos Rodrigues is an experienced professional in multiple specialties in rehabilitation. He is the owner of the Clinic Tangere Health, which has multiple services available. Check below some of them:


Set of techniques in which it is used mobilization of soft tissues and joints in order to promote relief of patient´s symptoms through the treatment of the cause of the dysfunction.

Often used by Physiotherapists, the manual therapy is a very specialized approach, providing a functional improvement by decreased the restrictions of segments mobility as well as a durable and fast recovery of pathological conditions.

Pain is a symptom which is prevalent among many patients, and its presence can interfere in the execution of daily tasks thus disabling patients. The pain can be classified as acute, when emerges suddenly and has a limited duration, and chronic, that can last for months or even years.

When assessing the patient, the Physical Therapist seeks to discover the cause of pain and eliminate the triggering factors.

Pain can be caused by many alterations in the body. Please find below a summary list with some examples of what triggers the so called fifth vital sign – pain. In addition, we mention techniques that might be used in order to improve the patient´s condition.

Orthopedic Physiotherapy is a field that targets the treatment of osteoarticular and muscular disorders. Some of the diseases treated in orthopedics are: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI), WRMD (Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders), low back pain (LBP), tendinitis, bursitis, herniated intervertebral disc disease, fractures, dislocations, sprains, and tendon and ligament trauma.

The techniques used have as outcome a faster healing process, the decreasing of inflammatory processes of the tissues involved, the recovery of the movements that were compromised by the disease, as well as the muscular strength recovery of the same segment, etc.  It is important to emphasize that all those matters are used together in order to achieve a full recovery of the patient so he or she can return to their normal daily-life activities as soon as possible.

Called Neurological Physiotherapy or even Neurofunctional Physiotherapy, this field has the objective of minimize the disabilities and the symptoms caused by Central Nervous System injuries, aiming the functional recovery of motor coordination, strength, movements and balance, to name a few. Some of the diseases treated are:

Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)
Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)
Head Trauma (TBI)
Cerebral Paralysis;
Multiple Sclerosis;
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS);
Parkinson´s Disease;

Geriatric Physiotherapy acts in the prevention and maintenance of the elder´s functionalities.

The main goal of this field is to improve the elder´s quality of life, through the controlling of the limitations that come along with healthy aging as well as pathological conditions associated with aging. To do so, we use techniques as active, global individual or group exercises, that will work, mainly, the balance and mobility of these patients. Also, a custom-made approach is the great differential for those suffering from conditions associated with aging.

Also called DIACUTANEOUS MYO-APONEUROSIS TECHNIQUE, this technique, is a non-invasive method that allows the releasing of adherences between tissues (muscle, ligament or aponeurosis), through the dissolution of tendons and soft tissue`s fibrosis that may interfere in the mobility and sliding of those tissues within another.

Indicated to several conditions such as traumatic, inflammatory or repetitive strains. It is used as well to treat dysfunctions related to sports and provide a unique approach for treatment of scar adherences.


Consulting services in Diploma Equivalence in Canada; application for Master’s degree and PhD, certificates, post-graduation and college; Home adaptation for elderly and/or individuals using assistive devices; Career guidance in Physiotherapy.


Lecturer / Speaker
Lecturer / Speaker: Available for lectures and workshops, both in loco and on-line, on topics related to rehabilitation and technology in health.