• Historical exhibit on physiotherapy at McGill

    Maude Abbott Medical Museum project – historical exhibit on physiotherapy at McGill

    This is an interdisciplinary team working together on a historical exhibit on physiotherapy, at McGill. We are putting together this exhibit, provisionally called, “Sparks and Waves – Applications of Electricity and Sound in Physical Therapy,” for McGill’s Homecoming in October 2016.

    The idea is to demonstrate the use of electrotherapy in medicine through the ages, including electrical stimulation, ultrasound and ultraviolet light. We have old and ancient machines that were actually used over 75 years ago, along with some more modern examples of these modalities. We are creating poster-boards with timelines and facts, illustrating the transition of the use of electricity from the mysterious and magical, to actual peer-reviewed science.


    Click here for more information (https://www.mcgill.ca/medicalmuseum/mcgill-medical-museum)

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