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A man who works on perfecting himself can never go wrong so that even when he is wrong he is not wronging himself


With more than 20 years of experience in health-related services as Physical Therapist, I have also been involved in the whole spectrum of healthcare, from management to research, public and private.

Fully licenced in Canada and Brazil, I can help you achieve your goal, no matter what, you name it.

Just talk to me and let me help you.

Some of the most defying challenges in technology, especially when related to healthcare, is finding someone who navigates the whole spectrum.

I have been there, I felt the frustration, and I know how to make your technology be useful and cause real change to improve people’s lives.

My expertise can be the solution you need.

Education has always teased me into being a better human being. I am naturally a very curious individual and teaching is a natural skill I have carried from an early age but also dedicated myself to perfecting over time.

My history is unique and rich and I am fully equipped to pass on this experience to my audience.

I can help you to connect the relevant points and go beyond the existing matrix.

Finding someone to bridge the gap between these domains is the biggest challenge in modern days and I am more than ready to help you.